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I am very sorry everyone, but I am leaving the RPG. I cannot seem to get into the character of Battousai like I used to, and for that my posts have become flawed. I apologize to you all for leaving you hanging, but I have left Battousai's ID and password open for anyone who wants to use it until you can find a replacement. In addition, I have also left Kaoru-dono and Tomoe as the moderators for this community. I am sorry to you all, and I hope this does not inconvenience the RPG much.
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"I hope this does not inconvenience the RPG much." ...!?

-Siiigh- You know I'm very very very very angry with you for doing this... again.

Hmph. I'm also angry you didn't explain why you're doing this, really, so I have more than enough reason to assume what you told me last night was just an excuse.

You know my decision about this, so I'll wait until you come back.

Even though this news is quite upsetting, we will continue on this RPG to the best of our abilities.

However, I do hope you expect to get hit over the head once for every day you are gone. *Shakes fist* Kenshin no baka!