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Character Application

 Sliding the shouji screen aside, Kenshin stepped put of his room, tugging his haori back into place. Having just finished rebandaging his shoulder he smiled as he saw the wound was healing nicely, and pretty soon he could have the stitches removed. Walking slowly and silently down the hallway, he thought about the past week. Yahiko's training was uped some in the wake of the prior week's events and Kaoru was more intunned with her surroundings. Not only that but she was up late at night practicing. She liked to pretend she wasn't and never tired in the morning, but he knew. He saw weariness in her features and the purple under her eyes that wasn't there before. She was driving herself too hard...and because of him. Coming up to the screen leading to the porch he placed his hand on it  but didn't slide it aside just yet. He had to put on a smile and pretend once again that he was clueless as to her nightly activities. Taking a deep breath he slid the shouji screen aside and stepped out onto the porch, cathing Yahiko preforming the last of his katas. Walking over to Kaoru he gave a nod and smile to Yahiko to show he was doing much better and then sat down beside her, smiling still.
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