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Makimachi Misao App.

I am also Saitou for a note. I decided to sign up for one more character so I have one to use when the other is occupied.

It was in the late evening and the sky was dropping into darkness, sparkles of star spread around the endless void of shadows. The peace did not last for very long as the wind began to pick up, dark clouds were rolling in, and the smell of on-coming rain was heavy within in the city of Kyoto. It wasn’t long before thunder echoed within in the background; lightning seemed to snaked out from it’s hiding and appeared to burst open the clouds causing a shower of rain.

Everyone but two people were huddled inside their homes to hide from the rain: Makimachi Misao and Shinomori Aoshi. The young woman stood on the porch of the Aoi-Ya, her home. The Shinobi’s appearance was much different, more feminine and womanly. On the streets she constantly dressed in her fighting gi and patrolled the streets to make sure everything was safe. But now that she was home and readying for bed she had the time to relax. Her yukatta was light blue on dark blue, giving the look that she carried a waterfall on her shoulders. Her dark black hair, usually tied back in braids, was allowed to cascade down to her slender hips.


Misao’s eyes were locked on her Leader with admiration. He was still in the Shrine near by, meditating. Biting her bottom lip she hesitated, very unlike her, before walking out into the rain. The bottom of her yukatta dragged against the ground, mud splattering it. She shielded a warm cup of tea with the sleeves of her sleeping kimono as the rain water began soaking into the fabric. Her clothing felt increasingly heavy and the material rubbed roughly against her ivory skin. It didn’t matter. Her body was already roughened from her fighting.

When she reached the Shrine she frowned a little that Aoshi paid no notice to her, despite the fact he knew she was there. Kneeling down in front of the young man she softly placed the cup of steaming team, untouched by the weather, in front of her Leader.

“I thought you might want something to keep you warm…” He didn’t respond. “If you’d like I could get you something else if you’d like. Or…” He still made no move to talk. Sighing she stood up from the ground and turned her back to him, glancing at his figure from the corner of her eye. He was drinking the tea and he made a small noise in way of thanks. A smile lightly tugged at the corner of her lips. At least he was drinking it.

Upon leaving the Shrine and heading back towards to Aoi-Ya she softly began singing to herself, swimming in the melody. Half-way there she paused in the rain, tilted her head back, and starred at the rain with curiousity.

“Melting those frozen blue eyes
And wiping off the tears from this heart
Warm tears
Melt the ice harvest rain”
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