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Hajime Saitou Application

“Here they are, sir. Just as you asked for.” The lower-ranked officer quietly stepped into a room, his hands fiddling with a small package he had in hand. The Lieutenant did not look up from the paper work he was going through but merely outstretched his gloved hand. But the man, with good reason to be, was afraid of the Lieutenant and did not approach farther then he had already. When the unknown parcel was still not laid within the man’s callused palm, he finally glanced up with a clearly irritated stare. The man jumped back at the Lieutenant’s eyes with even more fear then he had before, if that was even possible. The man quickly set the package on the ground, bowed in a stiff and quick manner before rushing out the door.

Saitou Hajime, known to most people of the Meiji Era as Lieutenant Fujita Gorou, rose up from his wooden desk in neutral silence. The man had many aliases; so many that the men whom had hired him as a Sword Corp, with special privileges to carry a decent katana may I add, did not even realize they hired the former Shinsengumi Third Unit Captain. It suited Saitou just fine to work in the Government… It made it much easier for him to work his principles of ‘Aku Soku Zan’. In fact, during this job he had run back into his old rival and enemy: the Battousai. It didn’t take much more then a few swift movements of a blade to turn the large-eyed Rurouni back into the Hitokiri that laid inside the man’s heart.

With easy strides of his long legs he approached the package that rested, slightly crumpled from the officer’s nervous fiddling, on the hard wooden floor. The Mibu Wolf picked up the small brown bag and reached his gloved hand in, his fingers wrapping around a fairly well sized pack. Once having the item in his grasp he pulled it out to reveal nothing other then cigarettes. As he opened the pack his thoughts turned towards his young wife that waited back in Kyoto. He had left just days after Tokio had gone through her particular stage. If anything in this world could irritate him to no end, it was definitely when Tokio went through her motherhood mode; especially when he called him ‘Cute and Rebellious’. For the love of Amaterasu, Mibu Wolves’ were not cute!

“Maybe I should give her a real child to baby when I get home. But for now I need to stay in Tokyo.”

Something had called for him to come here, yet he was unsure of what it was. It was a Wolf’s instinct and it was always best to follow them. He could smell blood splattered in different areas of Tokyo… Blood that one could only find in the Bakumatsu days of Kyoto. And in the air there was a short lingering, but strong fragrance of White Plums…
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