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Original Character Application

Name: Himura Usagia

Age: 17

Sex: Female

Appearance: Long black hair neatly pulled back into a high ponytail, two red bangs resting in front of her face; ivory pale skin that is has numerous scars and has crimson eyes; dressed usually in the Shinsengumi Uniform or a man's gi & hakama

Attitude: In battle she is ruthless and has become widely known as the "Fujin Oni", Female Demon. Off the field she is often calmer and seemingly carefree. The Shinsengumi call her, teasingly, "Chibi Ookami", Wolf Cub.

History: After the death of her parents she and her brother, Shinta, was sold into different slave groups. After defying and killing her masters at the age 12 she stumbled onto the Shinsengumi who took care of her. After a year of training and pleading the men allowed her into the Shinsengumi, despite the fact that she was a woman. She grew especially attached to her unit captain, Okita. Usagia discovered her brother was now known as Himura Kenshin and was alive as the Hitokiri Battousai. A burning hatred is fueled towards him violently because he had never sought her out, when he really thought she was thought dead. Usagia died in the last battle of the Bakumatsu in front of her brother. Makoto Shishio, the one man she feared, had decapitated her when she was caught off guard.

It was the middle of the last battle. Usagia was fighting at the side of the members of the Shinsengumi, her blade cutting through the bodies of many men. The peeling flesh and blood clung to her uniform and stained her raven black hair. The smell rose up the urge to make her vomit but she did not have time to be sick. This was war and even a moment of distraction could mean her death. The sky was painted with the blood that rained down onto the ground and the Earth was being burned alive by flames of Hades. Mountains of corpses were stacked as high as the eye could see. Usagia had put the reason of war in a simple statement: “Our enemies are just like us. Fighting for their beliefs. But what they believe is right isn’t what we believe is right… so we kill them. It sounds a lot more twisted when you it out loud doesn’t it?”

Usagia's breath was short and heavy; her mind was beginning to feel light from the lack of oxygen entering her body. And if by fate would have it her crimson eyes locked with those of the 3rd Unit Captain, Hajime Saitou. The man was quite a bit older then her and was her father figure. He was strict when he trained with her and acknowledged when she had done well. Seeing him nudge his head to the scene behind her she slowly turned around only to be met with Makoto Shishio's katana. SLASH!

She gasped wildly and placed her hands against her throat, her world seeming to spin all around her. After a moment the pain that had began to prick into her neck had faded only to have an odd sensation replace it. With hesitation the Fujin Oni slowly looked up to find herself standing in the streets of a large city, but it was not Kyoto. This city seemed too happy to be claimed as Kyoto. The smell of sakura blossoms drifted through the air, not the smell of blood. There weren't any corpses or blood. The only sign of pain that Usagia could connect was that of a young boy who had scrapped his knee against the pebbled ground. The people around her were staring at Usagia with a mixture of fright and shock. Their eyes rested on her blood stained clothing, her equally dirty katana, and most of all the kanji that was printed on her bandana and back: MAKOTO. Makoto was the sign of the Shinsengumi.

"Where am I?"

"You're in Tokyo. It’s Meiji… um…" Squeaked up a rather curious child who was soon shushed by her mother.

"Tokyo? Meiji?” The two names felt foreign as the rolled off her tongue. But then it struck her Tokyo was going to be the name they were considering renaming Edo. And Meiji must be a different era of time. No matter how ridiculous it sounded that’s what came to mind. The people of Tokyo had but one question on there mind though.

“Who are you?” barked an hidden man from the crowd.

Usagia could not resisting stating her name. She needed to… almost as if convincing that this was real- that she was real. “Toshizou Himura Usagia; Fujin Oni no Shinsengumi.”
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