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The crimson mood that night was shinning brightly, it was a night when it happened, when he was transported to another era. The prodigy had just returned from a mission with his squad, while the Shinsengumi headquarters were quiet and peaceful, even in a building with suck commotion and noise of intense training could even be heard. There was something different about that night though. Whenever someone passed Okita’s room, coughing could be heard, but this time no sound came from inside the room. The prodigy had been laying down on his futon, almost half asleep. One minute, he had opened his eyes and was still in his room, he had then closed them after that…but when he had re opened his eyes, he noticed something strange.

The young boy’s eyes widen as he sat up. He looked around slightly and noticed he wasn’t in his room no more. “Where…am I?” he asked himself as he stood up from the futon and walked to the closest window. He opened the window and looked around. The moon wasn’t crimson…the night was pleasant. The smell of blood wasn’t in the air, it seemed like a dream. He wondered if he was still in Kyoto, in the Bakumatsu, it didn’t seem that way though. He turned around and grabbed his swords and walked out of the room he was in. The place where he had awoken seemed like an inn, but not like any inn in Kyoto.

As he walked down the stars to the lobby of the inn, he encountered one of the workers. He grabbed her by the arm and looked at her. “Where am I!? “ he asked, seeming confused. “Y-you’re in Tokyo.” Said the girl. He blinked a couple of times. “Tokyo!?” he asked and then saw the girl nod fearfully. “Hai, Tokyo, once known as Edo.“ His eyes widen. “Edo…What era!?” he asked as he then she then whimpered. “M-meiji Era…”. “Ariagatou…” he said softly as he walked out of the in. “Edo…Meiji Era… I wonder how I got here.” he repeated as wandered the place.
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