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Myojin Yahiko Application

The sun was shining brightly this morning, not a cloud there to obscure the vast cerulean sky above. Life at the Kamiya dojo seemed routine as ever, Kenshin washing clothes off to the side, while Yahiko was in the courtyard, a wary expression adorning his face. Holding the shinai tightly within his grasp, Yahiko swung in a downward slash, yelling out in the process. Although the same routine grew old to him, he could feel himself getting stronger.

Just last week when he was sparing with Kaoru, he actually caught her off guard. Kaoru had executed a move that hit Yahiko squarely on the shoulder, even though he knew she was aiming towards his neck. His body had moved on it's own, allowing his shoulder to be hit instead. Although it hurt terribly, Yahiko was able to continue to twist his body and aim a hit towards Kaoru's side. That's when he caught her off guard; he noticed it by the widening of her eyes. She had blocked the hit with her bokken, but she lost the strong hold on her footing. Yahiko tried to use that to his advantage, but had forgotten that she could recover quickly, resulting in him being knocked down, his shinai skidding across the floor. "Good job Yahiko." Kaoru said, with a smile on her face, though it looked very competitive.

Coming out of his musings, Yahiko grinned to himself. At this rate, he would be able to compete against his mentor, his father figure. He would defeat Kenshin one of these days; he just knew it. With his knew found determination, Yahiko started his katas once again, more strength and resolve in each swing.
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