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A night's introduction, Yukishiro Tomoe

The moon protruded in the night, but not a single star, not a constellation appeared in that obscure and vast sky. It was quiet, serene, just like peace truly reigned in the atmosphere. It was the era they were currently in. It was a dreamer’s, a justice fighter’s wish for gaining such a happy and peaceful time. No one could truly say it was Heaven, contamination in every aspect still lurked even in this era. Perhaps even this wasn’t what they truly wanted, but it served nicely anyway.

In a room, where the moon’s dim lighting served enough to brighten the area was a woman who was filled with question marks, concerns and as well as something disturbing inside of her heart and mind. To think she was even still alive, not only her shell, but her soul was here as well... It wasn’t a dream; it felt real to her, so very real that it frightened her. A tragic woman like herself, was she even allowed continuing living even now? Hasn’t she done enough? ...Wasn’t that enough? Her eyes went downcast at the thought. Every night it was the same thing -she almost made it seem like it was a routine- but every night she couldn’t stop thinking of her own existence. It was something she feared so greatly, she refused to believe she was alive. She sometimes even ponders if she’s caught up in a world inside her memories that doesn’t even end. But how could it even be a dream? That man was here, Kenshin… he was here with her. Still.


A faint knock on the door, she turned around slowly only to be brought back into what she thought was an illusion... that never-ending illusion. That crimson-haired man, those amethysts intriguing eyes... It couldn’t be real.
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